Talitha, whose name means "little girl", has spent many of her 19 years performing and singing for those around her. Although initially a dance student for 12 years, it wasn't until she took part in a local singing contest that she found her true passion.

Born in Cape Town, her family later moved to Scotland for a few years, before returning home in 1995. She soon enrolled for vocal classes and entered various singing contests, often winning many of her competitions. However it wasn't until Jonathan de Magalhaes, a guitarist and also an up and coming producer, joined the band she was singing in, that her career began to take definite direction.

After listening to some of the songs that Talitha had already written, Jonathan saw the potential in her songwriting ability. Both Talitha and Jonathan found out that they were able to write great new material together, and soon they had enough songs for a full album that would be used to launch her singing career. Jonathan formed a record company, Jon Marc Productions, to manage this new project and was tasked with the recording and producing of these songs in his studios. Talitha's debut album, "Unspoken", was released in January this year.

Talitha's first single released was called "I'm Gone", and the follow-up single "Stuck Inside" was chosen as the song for her music video.

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