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  • Wed, 5 Sep '07
  • Talitha Spotted by GET IT Magazine!

    In this months addition of the local magazine, GET IT, Talitha was captured by the photographers for Get It, during her Performance for Woman's Day, alongsid...
  • Fri, 24 Aug '07
  • Talitha Interview in the Edenvale/Bedfordview Newspaper

    This week there was an interview of Talitha in the Edenvale/Bedfordview Newspaper. Get a copy if you are in the area. She was asked alot her career, her personal life, and her music. ...
  • Mon, 13 Aug '07
  • Talitha sings at Greenstones Woman's day, alongside Jamali and Parlatones!

    The gig for Woman's Day (the 9th of August 2007) was once again, a great success. Talitha captured th...
  • Mon, 30 Jul '07
  • Talitha gets asked to open for Parlatones

    Talitha was asked by Phili (Marketing Manager of Greenstone) to do an opening act for the Parlatones, alongside other artists such as Amor Vitone and Jamali. The gig is for a huge lucky dr...
  • Fri, 1 Jun '07
  • Talitha at the Potato Festival

    Talitha's performance at the Potato festival, over the Friday evening and Saturday was a great success. She sang alongside Artists such as Nadine and the Suppersterre winner. The ...