• Fri, 5 Oct '07 back

    Hey all...

    We are having a raffle competition!

    here are the details:


    1. buy a raffle for R90

    2. you get the CD for free (includes the music video)

    3. on the 1st of December, we will be having the draw.

    4. you check out the website to see if you are a winner

    5. you get the call...

    6. you go and enjoy a lovely dinner to the value of R400

    (when and where will be up shortly!)

    AAAANDDDDD!!!!! Talent International... a Model and Casting Agency will be giving a years free subscription to the Winner!

    So.. where can you get this CD... by me!

    email me... if you dont know where i am.. and i will make sure i get it to you!


    Please support me!

    (ps. the funds will be going to the CD launch party at the end of the year, which you will be invited to!!!)

    Lovely day to you all!